Level 1 Vinyasa Yoga

Ever feel that the ‘yoga’ is missing from your yoga practice? This all-levels class invites you to re-connect with the essence of this moving meditation. You will learn how to slow down your vinyasa flow to truly achieve the correct alignment of each Asana and bring your focus back to your body. Some poses will be held for longer than in other flow classes to help students deepen their practice. By paying greater attention to your actions, you will leave class feeling invigorated yet relaxed – the perfect way to wind down for the weekend! “ …the concentration on subtle sense perceptions can cause steadiness of mind” yoga sutra I. 35



All Levels Yoga

This class welcomes all ability levels. We will focus on stretching, building strength, & balance.  We will

incorporate sun salutations to bring up the heart-rate, then work on strength & balance postures, including stretching, centering & breath-work. Props are

used to allow everyone to find just the right expression of the posture for their body. Start your day with more energy & strength!



Yoga Basics

This Yoga Basics class will be good for beginners as well as anyone looking to review the basics of your yoga practice. When we take time to break down poses and transitions we often find new perspective and enlightenment.



Gentle Senior Yoga

This class is moving here from the Amesbury Senior Center beginning December 4th. All props available including chairs, blocks, cushions and blankets. Designed for those with limited mobility to increase strength, balance and peace of mind.



Lunchtime Stretch

Stretch out during your lunch break, move your shoulders and hips, relax your mind before grabbing lunch and going back to work.



Gentle Yoga

This class is for anyone looking for a slower paced class, whether you’re a beginner or currently practicing yoga or recovering from injury or have limitations. Gentle Yoga is accessible for all body types and is often just what we need to feel relief from daily stress, aches and pains.



Children’s Yoga Classes

Children’s Yoga classes are taught by Paula Wilson, certified children’s yoga teacher. Paula offers classes seasonally and classes will run when at least six children are committed to a time & day of the week.
Contact Paula Wilson directly if you are interested in any of her classes for children or families.

  • Story Time Yoga (ages 7-12)
  • Little Yogis (ages 4-6)
  • Preschool Yoga (ages 3-5)
  • Family Yoga (ages 8+ with adult)

Yoga is a fun way for children to develop important skills in a fun, non-competitive environment. Some of the many benefits of Yoga include: improved strength and flexibility, increased concentration, focus & attention, increased self esteem and self confidence, decreased anxiety, increased trust and compassion, strengthens immune system, develops correct posture, and helps to release stress.

Here’s a brief description of the classes for the older children (ages 7 – 12). Storytime Yoga™ is an innovative children’s program that integrates the healing qualities of yoga with the mind and grounding powers of storytelling. It helps children explore their creativity and act on their curiosity about the world with fascinating, ethical, moral wisdom tales from around the world. I use storytelling skills and various yoga, breathing and relaxation techniques. Each week we focus on a different theme. Some examples are following your dreams, generosity and patience.

**Minimum of 6 children signed up to run the classes.**
The cost is $60 for a 6 week session. Second sibling is $50.
Family Yoga fee is $60 for a 6 week session ($18 per pair to drop-in).

I look forward to seeing you and your kids soon! Paula

Please contact Paula directly at harmony.yoga@verizon.net or call 978-314-4280 to sign up or with any questions/concerns.



Slow Flow + Yin

This is a slow and smooth flow followed by the deep holds of a Yin practice to target the connective tissue and release chronic tension. A focus on breath techniques and intention guide the movement. Slow movements and deep Yin holds are perfect for the winter months when the body tends to turn inward and hibernate. All abilities welcome.



Beginner/Intermediate Yoga

Take time to deepen your practice at the end of the weekend with this longer, ninety-minute yoga class. We will incorporate strength, balance, twists and breathing followed by a slow, meditative Yin-filled ending. Consider this your work-week reboot!

All students with a Co-op Class Voucher must pay $3 extra for this class.