Chris Himmel

Chris Himmel instructs the following:
  • Tai Chi for Good Health
  • This Tai Chi for Good Health class will be open to all levels, but will be geared toward beginners at first - no Tai Chi experience is necessary to join the class. Classes will take place on Wednesdays at 10:00am.
    Tai Chi for Good Health teaches basic Tai Chi movement and leads students through learning the 24 posture form. This class is suitable for all ages and is focused on exercises that will bring about the physical and mental health benefits of Tai Chi practice.

    Pricing: $20/class to drop in ($15 for age 65+)

    OR save $5 per class by paying for full month up front

    This class is not eligible for use of Pause Yoga class cards and Pause Yoga monthly memberships. All payments should be made directly to the instructor and checks made payable to Chris Himmel.

    To register, or if you have questions about the class, please contact Chris at: (978) 857 5840 or

    More information about Tai Chi and Chris can be found at

  • Restorative Tai Chi Qigong
  • Restorative Tai Chi Qigong
    This class will teach basic Tai Chi movements and exercises as well as Qigong meditation. This class is geared toward students who are looking for the health benefits of Tai Chi practice, but do not wish to learn the choreographed form. Students already taking a form based class will find this to be an excellent complement and a chance to go deeper into the Qigong side of Tai Chi practice. This class is perfect for students who are coping with conditions such as fibromyalgia or Parkinson's disease who are looking for a mind-body practice as part of their treatment.