Vinyasa Flow

This class is taught by:

Abigail Eaves

Abby is a Licensed Mental Health Clinician and Yoga Instructor. She first began practicing yoga as a teenager and has returned to it time and time again to anchor her through the good times and the bad. She is a graduate of the YogaWorks 200-hour Teacher Training program, led by Yoga Journal's Natasha Rizopoulos at Back Bay Yoga, Boston. Throughout both her clinical work and yoga practice, she incorporates mindfulness as a way to soothe stress and physical tension. A firm believer that yoga is whatever we need it to be on any given day, Abby provides an open, light space to practice without judgement or competition. 

Paula Wilson

Paula has studied yoga since the early 1990's and became serious about it and decided to become a yoga teacher in 2004 earning her 200 hour certification and registration with Yoga Alliance. After several injuries, she found that yoga was the one thing she could still practice that actually helped her gain strength and stability and kept her centered. She studied Ashtanga Yoga (vinyasa - flowing yoga) with Mary Hart at Iron Crow Yoga in Hamilton, MA. She has a strong infuence in Anusara Yoga, in which the primary focus is on proper body alignment. Paula is also certified in Story Time Yoga which is a unique children's yoga class that incorporates simple stories with specific morals that the children reenact through yoga poses. It's a great deal of fun for them and they're learning all the benefits of yoga at the same time.

Joanne Travers

The first yoga class I ever took was with my mother over 40 years ago! We sat on sheep skin rugs and stretched, but it was not until more recently I began to practice yoga and learn its transformative powers of the mind and body. Yoga has improved my physical body and overall health but the practice is more than just physical. Juggling a busy work schedule and raising a family is challenging, and yoga has taught me balance and inner peace, joy and love. It begins by being fully present with the breadth and proper alignment, and soon moves to meditation in motion.

As a yoga teacher my intention is to share my practice, and provide a safe and nurturing environment. I teach a Gentle/Restorative and Moderate Vinyasa flow at Pause. I also teach Yin and Core Flow. My moves are deliberate and intentional, so that no asana is rushed. I pay attention to spinal alignment and I am big on breadth through movement, even the space in between the postures. While I enjoy practicing all asanas, one of my favorite postures is pigeon (YANG) or Swan (YIN). My favorite part of teaching is when I see students deeply connected with their body, mind and spirit. My hearts smiles when they explore new asanas and find ways to open the heart, strengthen the body, and discover what it truly means to be in the present. My favorite time of day for my personal practice is early in the morning, and I love yoga on the beach as the sun rises.

My yoga certification was obtained January 2014 at Kripalu, and I complete a Certificate in Positive Psychology in January 2015. I continue to explore ways to infuse these trainings into my non-profit, charitable work in oral deaf education that has helped over a thousand children, parents and teachers in developing countries and throughout Massachusetts.

“No pessimist ever discovered the secret of the stars or sailed to an uncharted land, or opened a new doorway for the human spirit" - Helen Keller

Shannon Worth

Shannon dabbled in a yoga practice on and off for years strictly as a workout, as she studied and worked in the fitness industry for years. When she started to deepen her practice practicing with some very inspiring teachers in Boston, she fell in love with yoga for its mindfulness and respect for the physical body. It was an awakening to know this mindful movement, different from any other, could gain those results, and she never turned back. Shannon’s yoga practice became so beneficial to all aspects of her life that she was compelled to spread the wealth. She also teaches high school Wellness and started teaching yoga to her students at school, and to the athletes and staff after school. She then completed her 200-hr. teacher training at Back Bay Yoga. Shannon’s classes are challenging with a focus on respecting one’s own body and emphasize listening to the body, always offering lots of options. Her students are encouraged to approach their practice with playfulness and fun.

Samantha Dyer

After months of urging from a friend, Samantha reluctantly took her first yoga class in January of 2010. All it took was that one class and she fell in love. Since then, her love of the athletic aspects of vinyasa yoga quickly grew into a much deeper appreciation of the depth and wealth that yoga has to offer. Samantha graduated with her RYT-200 certification from the Yoga of Energy Flow program with teachers Daniel Orlansky and Dana Lincoln in March, 2012. As a teacher, Samantha’s goal is to not only strengthen and tone the physical body through the asanas (postures), but also to guide her students into a deeper awareness and relationship with themselves and the world around them.

Jennifer Freeman

Jennifer is the owner of Pause Yoga. She feels strongly that yoga should be accessible to all people. This feeling is manifested in her lessons as she encourages modification of postures to each individual’s ability. She guides her students to open their bodies as well as their minds and hearts, while encouraging healthy alignment and flowing breath. Her classes always feature lots of stretching & strength while keeping the energy light. Jennifer teaches a blend of Hatha yoga inspired by Vinyasa flow, Anusara, Gentle and Senior training. Her joyful spirit, kind heart & love for teaching will inspire your practice. She trained at Peachtree Yoga Center in Sandy Springs, GA, as well as certification in Gentle Senior Yoga from Yoga Vista Academy. Jennifer is a certified and Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance at the 200 hour level.

Katie Guyer

I started taking yoga classes as another form of exercise and quickly decided it was something I wanted to teach alongside my spin classes. For those of us who step onto the yoga mat, we soon realize it is so much more than just another workout. Being " in shape" and healthy is a state most of us strive to attain and yoga can certainly help us to get there but it is the journey within the postures, breathing and practice of yoga that sets this path apart. Opening your heart, mind and body to what a yoga practice can offer is a gift and one I would love to share with you.

Scott Nicholas

Scott is an Aussie Yogi that loves life and all of its wonderful gifts. He is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200) who recently completed the Broga® Yoga I & II certification. He is excited to help share the benefits of Broga® and increase the awareness of yoga to involve more men at Pause Yoga. In addition to a deep passion for Eastern philosophy, he is continuing his studies to include different meditation variations as well as some unique yoga styles like the Tibetan 5 Rites of Yoga. In addition to sharing yoga, he likes to be involved in local charity work and believes that through yoga awareness we can all make a difference in the world.
This class invites you to re-connect with the essence of moving meditation connecting your breath with body movements. This vinyasa flow class will focus on strength, balance, flexibility and relaxation. Some poses will be held for longer than in other flow classes to help students deepen their practice. By paying greater attention to your actions, you will leave class feeling invigorated yet relaxed.